Irene Lee

Designer and Art Director
with a curiosity about the world and people.

Shoes Off Collective: PARALINE

Aysia Tse
Jason Mendiola

Haley Chiu

Irene Lee
Create a visual identity and website for Shoes Off Collective’s PARALINE exhibition.

Shoes Off Collective is a pan-Asian group of creatives based in Toronto. As a community, they explore the idea of art, activism, culture, social issues, and kinship. In 2023, they presented PARALINE, an exhibit that showcases works that reflect these thresholds and transitional states as we move through space and time together.

As a sole designer of the team, I created the visual identity, social media content, website, and prints for the exhibit. PARALINE is inspired by a pattern of glass block partitions often seen in Asian restaurants, reflecting on the markers of space that grounds us while revealing potential opportunities beyond. 


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