Irene Lee

Designer and Art Director
with a curiosity about the world and people.

Thesis: Adulthood Fantasies

Lewis Nicholson

Irene Lee

Beyond the Fantasy of Adulthood: Re-centering of Self
7 x 9.5, 223-page book

Adulthood Testimonials (Body of Work)
6.5 x 9.5, 112-page book

Interactive Installation
48 x 96 poster, 2 books, kids table, and chairs
Growing up, I often wondered about the territory of adulthood. As a 23-year-old living a liminal phase of my life between childhood and adulthood, I find emerging adulthood a freeing yet anxious experience.

With the goal of exploring and possibly revising our understandings of adulthood in modern society, my thesis began with secondary research on the theme of the transition from childhood to adulthood. Following this, I conducted 13 interviews among my peers as a form of primary research with intimate personal stories.

The genuine stories engage with the topic of age, gender, cultural, social, political, emotional, and practical aspects of the emerging adulthood stage in life. As a visualization of the growth process and individual lives, a spiral form diagram is used as an interactive piece. The interactive poster invited more than 250 participants throughout the 5-day exhibit, sharing their growth moments.

Body of Work: Adulthood Testimonials

Research Book: Beyond the Fantasy of Adulthood

Interactive Installation: Spiral Life Graph

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